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Medical Billing

With years of medical billing experience and the utilization of the latest billing technology, DAW Global possesses the expertise to manage your complete billing operations efficiently and effectively whether you are a single-specialty practice or a large multi-specialty, multi-facility healthcare organization.

We are experts in various specialties, such as Behavioral Health, Psychiatry, Family Practice and Hospital billing. Our employees are trained to use various software such as Athena Health, Collaborate MD, Kareo and EMR systems such as KIPU.

Our knowledge and expertise expands far beyond commercial insurance and Blue Cross, but also includes Medicare, Medicaid and Triwest.

Outsourcing medical billing ensures timely filing of claims and accuracy of charge entry, to save time, resources, money, enhance practice performance, dedicate more time towards patient care, and last but not the least, to have a systematic documentation process along with keeping up with the latest updates of the healthcare industry.

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