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Why Outsource with DAW Global?

Offshoring parts of your business can lead to huge savings and free up your time to focus on what’s most important. But when it comes to the value you get from an offshore provider, there’s a lot more to consider than just the price.

Transparent fees, with everything you need

Business is about risk mitigation. Understanding the risks and making an informed decision.

So when comparing the value of offshoring providers, you definitely need to consider more than just their quoted costs. Even if two providers charge exactly the same total monthly fees, the value each delivers will vary wildly depending on their location, office fit-out, IT infrastructure and operational capability. There may even be a vast difference in the experience and capabilities of the staff they recruit for you.

So it pays to compare the details to ensure there are no unforeseen risks. Here are the factors to consider when choosing an offshoring provider:



USA Based operating in Jamaica

With our head office registered and operating out of Florida, USA based companies can be assured they have 100% accountability. Jamaicas proximity to key markets such as the US ensures reduced travel time and cost and offers the convenience of being in time zones, and our knowledge of both cultures ensured efficiency


Competitive Labor Cost

Call center and Business Process Outsourcing salaries in Jamaica are, on average, 40-60% lower than corresponding salaries in North America. DAW Global offers competitive hourly rates.


English-speaking, Highly Literate Workforce

We hire only college graduates with training and experience in the field. Our employees are trained and eloquent and most of our employees have over 5 years experience under their belt. Jamaica is the largest English–speaking population in the Americas, consisting of talented, educated and trainable individuals.

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